Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hall of Pure Bliss

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  1. Attendees

    This reading seemed a string of irrelevant metaphors separated from us by time, distance and culture.

    Initially we focused on ‘pivot’ as a kind of turning around or inward, and meeting silence. (Warning metaphor ahead!) Like steelhead swimming above their reds.

    We talked about dancing. The dance of the relative with the absolute. We talked about working with the relative (day to day stuff) and how it helps with the work of the absolute (life on the cushion). Or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, this is way to complicated. Simplicity - I hope Zen is simpler than we tend to make it.

    Self - self - self?

    Round and round we go. Trying to extricate meaning. Shouldn’t we read this as poetry?

    Peeling an onion leaves one not with nothing but everything.

    Take refuge in befuddlement.
    Take refuge in wonder.
    Same or different?

    We are all in need if a Joriki Tuneup©


    This is it. There is no other place to be other than exactly where we are.

    You get the samadhi you deserve. You don’t get to choose between traffic jam samadhi and mountain breeze samadhi.


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